community words

the daily

We come alongside to alleviate hardship and build friendship and support. Most days are filled with small moments of significant connection. We:

  • interpret and navigate situations and systems (like housing, CRA paperwork, community service interactions, bills, etc.) for new Canadians and those in survival mode
  • create and nurture crucial network relationships with other outreaches in our community, regionally and nationally
  • help access vital services in the community, such as legal advice, health and dental care, addiction services, mental health support, education, employment, and housing options
  • provide individual support ranging from meeting basic needs to walking along side people as they pursue their passions, whether they are artists, entrepreneurs, or students
  • assist in accessing emergency shelter and finding long-term housing, providing support as new accommodations turn into homes
  • offer mentorship opportunities
  • support through the court system and in correctional facilities
  • provide opportunities for groups to give and get involved in the community

Youth experiencing homelessness across Canada have been part of our community for over 28 years.