The Drop-In

The drop-in is a safe place, a place to call home, for street-involved and homeless youth, ages 16-24. Like any home, the centre offers daily meals, showers, laundry facilities, and access to other basics like clothing and socks to the youth who come through our door. Along with these basic needs, youth find a place were they are valued, respected and encouraged to thrive. We walk alongside youth, building relationships and helping them access vital services in the community, such as legal advice, health care, addiction services, mental health support, education, employment, and housing options.

Homeless youth from across Canada have been part of our community at the drop-in over the past 20 years.

Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper is a weekly meal serving 200-250 of the homeless community: single men and women, youth, and families with young children. The supper, established in 1985, operates with a large volunteer core. We provide a foot clinic managed by second year medical students from Dalhousie. A clothing and footwear depot is also set up each week. After the meal an optional church service is held.

The relationships we make at the supper also allow us to provide:

  • individual support with follow up during the week
  • assistance accessing emergency shelter and finding long-term housing
  • support through the court system, correctional facilities
  • assistance with emergency travel (bus tickets)
  • networking with other outreaches in the community