ARK is a community where its members are respected, celebrated and encouraged to thrive. We walk alongside families and individuals, advocating for social justice, building relationships that together allow us to provide outreach and support. We recognize that our brothers and sisters who experience life on the margins are the experts. So we listen.

Through coming together we find:


Hope that families can be reunited, that someone can find a warm place to live, that healthy food is available, that society can learn and change.

Belonging to one another. We come to realize we are brothers and sisters in an extended family. We know we can rely on each other.



Presence as we bear witness while we dig for worms in the garden, build the greenhouse, play music together, fill out CRA forms, go to doctors and legal appointments, have tea in someone’s home. This is life together: a place to call home.

Healing as we live life together, we hurt together and celebrate healing together; this is a deep and spiritual reality for our community.



Supportive Relationships. Striving to prioritize people over programs, mutual relationships are at the heart of our community. We share our strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrow, hospitality and food, love and faith.

A Mosaic of Support through networking with trusted connections and organizations in the community, regionally and nationally. Partnering with a possible mentor, connecting with a business opportunity, matching a cook with a kitchen or a youth learning to read with a teacher… Connecting people. Do you need someone to help you move? Do you need a great electrician? We may know someone!



Housing: Together we advocate, provide assistance accessing emergency shelter, secure long-term housing, move in and find furniture.
Housing is a human right.

Navigating systems around healthcare, housing, education, mental health, financial aid, immigration, community resources, the court system, correctional facilities, food justice, and others.