Thoughts during Advent…

A face close up against the window, waving and smiling. I’m here.  Do you see me? Its a few minutes before opening at the drop-in.  We are busily preparing for the day–coffee is on, hot croissants coming out of the oven, soup hot on the stove. Our young friend is eager to be inside. Warm, welcomed, home.

Connection is at the heart of daily life at ARK.  We discover the gift of community and an invitation to understand poverty in a different way.  Youth teach us that we are not consoled by things.  Their poverty is an experience of exclusion, judgement, isolation, loss.  They know well our need for belonging.

This year, our community has had many losses. Young lives tragically ended.  Some days at the drop-in, we walk through hard places.  The rhythms of daily life can feel too small, insignificant in the midst of sorrow, confusion and loss. We grieve together.

During this advent season, we hold on to the bold statement : “Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 And so we find a way to go on, keeping vigil.  Tending the light as we share days together. In the midst of grief we  look for what is true, beautiful and lovely–each person’s gift to the whole.

Light shows up in unexpected corners.. A spontaneous circle of young musicians fill the morning with rowdy, heart-felt songs. Each of us in the room feel a little restored. We tend to each other, to the needs of our hearts for hope and faith, joy and love.   We guide each other home.





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